Fake News: The Washington Post.

The Washington Post express edition is in a sprint to the bottom.  Todays cover:


An obvious cut-paste photoshop of Trump, in a manner they never have used for Hillary or Obama.  The headline in fine print:

The president’s fixation on asserting the legitimacy of his victory has sucked momentum from his first days in office.

Are they even in the same country as the rest of us?

The picture is of Trump covered in medals and trophies.  This same “news” paper ignored Obama and Biden giving themselves REAL medals in their final days.  The articles claims that Trump is still arguing about the inauguration turnout and thus sacrificing valuable agenda time.  That argument was settled on Saturday with the release in the internet of pictures exposing the media for their FAKE news and misleading pictures. Since then, let’s looks at the Trump scoreboard:

  • Keystone pipeline
  • Hiring freeze
  • Regulatory freeze
  • Cancelling Trans Pacific Trade pact
  • Halting immigration from Islamic countries
  • Halting refugee programs
  • Deep cuts to federal agency budgets
  • Ending catch and release
  • Order to begin building wall
  • Order to “buy and hire American”
  • Stopped last minute transfer of $221 million to Palestinians.

Every day, Trump is accomplishing something new.  If Obama had this record of success in his first week, America would have already forgotten GITMO existed by now.

I recall the Never-Trumpers claiming that Trump was just another back-stabbing republican who was going to forget all his campaign promises after the election.  But give the guy credit where it is due.  He gets stuff done and doesn’t wait around or try to build consensus.  He uses the authority he has and demonstrates exactly why Americans elected him in the first place instead of another Bush.  Trump has already accomplished enough in his first week in office, that I would vote for him again even if he does nothing but play golf for the rest of his term.

On that note:  Did anyone else see the announcement Friday that wikileaks sources revealed that Hillary was a major contributor to Bush, McCain, and Kasich campaigns this year?

Other than for the crossword puzzles that commuters favor, I can’t see why this “news” paper is still in business.  The Soviets knew that Pravda was lying to them.  But with luxuries like toilet paper always scarce in communist countries, everyone still picked up a copy on their way home.


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