Climate Change

It sure has.  Just since Friday.

There are some strange things about the whole theory.

There is widespread agreement (among the believers) that warming will result in rising sea levels and flooding of coastal areas. The rise of sea levels won’t be some non-measurable trivial amount, but enough to cover a 6 story building.

Here’s the problem.  The world has has such warm temperatures before, and there is no evidence of sea levels being that high during those periods.  In fact, there have been inhabited structures on the waterline in major cities all over the world for centuries, (Millennia in some cases).  We have had piers and docks and coastal walls in cities like Venice, Rome, Athens, Alexandria, Egypt, NYC, Norfolk, just to name a few.  In hundreds of years, none of those cities has shown any evidence of rising sea levels. Note: a city sinking into soft earth due to changes in silt deposits and inadequate foundations is NOT water levels rising.  So New Orleans does NOT count.


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2 Responses to Climate Change

  1. Passing By says:

    Did you actually write this nonsense? You are unbelievably uninformed. Start here: [self-serving political propaganda removed]


  2. No One says:

    Dear Passing By. Thanks for passing by. In answer to your questions…
    1. Yes, I actually did write this. Unlike the Obama administration, I don’t have a huge paid staff to do all my writing for me.
    2. I fail to see anything non-nonsensical about anything I wrote. Address the points I made instead of posting propaganda.
    3. Unbelievably uninformed? That places “uninformed” to an unmerited level of difficulty. I read lots of stuff and am quite well informed about lots of things. I know most of the arguments in favor of the warmist position. I just don’t believe them. The evidence of my own eyes calls them liars.
    4. “Start here” implies no initial basis of knowledge. I am 55 years old. I have seen this issue played out over decades of my own life. I remember it all. If you have new information that you think I should consider, let me know. Expecting my eyes to be opened by showing me the same old crap about CO2 is not going to get you there. New information would include:
    — climate scientists giving back all their grant money in order to maintain objectivity.
    — Al Gore giving back all the money he milked from carbon trading scams.
    — Celebrities and government climate bureaucrats and PHD’s STOP going to global conferences on my dime and instead just pick up the phone or send information to each other on the internet.
    5. Calling me names and providing no counter arguments is simply arrogant on your part. I would call it “unbelievably arrogant”, but like I said, I have been watching this for decades and have seen your type often enough that such arrogance is not just believable, it’s expected.


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