Where’s Hillary’s pardon?

As the pardon train rolls along in the final days of the Obama White house, The question is being asked in many quarters, “Where’s Hillary’s”?

Of course, the President can give a pardon for federal crimes, even crimes that haven’t been charged yet.

  1.  Can he issue a blanket pardon for future crimes?  Is a presidential pardon a blanket immunity from criminal discovery?  I think not.  I think that even under the most generous interpretation of the law, she can only be pardoned for crimes she has already committed.
  2. Does the pardon need to list specifically the crimes she is pardoned for?  Wouldn’t that leave open the prosecution for crimes that were not pardoned?  I don’t think any president has ever before been asked to pardon a criminal with such a rich criminal resume as Hillary.  Her corruption and violations of law goes back 40 years.  Obama doesn’t have time to catalog all those crimes and potential crimes.
  3. A presidential pardon is only for federal crimes.  Any state laws Hillary may have violated are still fully at play in state courts.  The president has no authority to grant immunity from local law enforcement.  The Feds really should have thought about that whole double jeopardy thing better when they bought into the “different jurisdictions” doctrine.
  4. Is Obama just making her sweat?  Are teh two camps in communication and know that something is or is definitely not coming?
  5. Does Hillary really believe she doesn’t need a pardon?  I would think that even if she has managed to burn all the evidence, she would want a shield against the enormous cost of a criminal defense by her political enemies.
  6. Does a pardon let her keep the money?  Normally, the federal marshals seize assets that proceed from criminal enterprises.  That would include bribery and corruption.  A pardon wouldn’t make the govt give that money back.  The Clinton foundation has about $2 BILLION that could be used to fund all sorts of good things, like a wall between the USA and Mexico.  Or one between Virginia and DC.  Or even a new interstate highway between DC and Richmond, VA.

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One Response to Where’s Hillary’s pardon?

  1. Old NFO says:

    I’m betting 10am Friday…


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