Current Events: “Science”

This story tells us that “scientists ” have found they can turn on a switch inside mice to turn them into violent predators.  I can only imagine how the proposal for that research grant went:  Let’s turn harmless fast breeding rodents into violent meat eating predators.  What could go wrong?   Personally, I think this research is a day late and a dollar short.  Trump has been making rats violently insane since November 8th.

This story tells us that one “scientist” has discovered what is at the center of the planet.  I seriously hate this type of science.  Real science should lead to something .  The expansion of purely theoretical and unprovable knowledge is nothing more than the same sort of pointless argument that theologians get criticized for.  Just like the guys who claim to know that planets in other parts of the galaxy have certain characteristics.  These are things that can never be proven or disproved.  Nor does knowing that information have any practical value.  At the very outside of the limits of possibility, one might theorize that some future human civilization might need a nearly inexhaustible supply of iron and nickle to build a fleet of starships to escape the thin shell of our planet that is collapsing because humanity hollowed out the core of the planet to build starships.


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