Agreeing with Obama on Cuba

As I have said often, the Cold War is over.  Global communist expansion has ended and atrophied to the point where only a few representative examples remain.  Immigration policies that were designed to support cold war objectives are pointless in the modern world and should be scrapped.

The Cuban wet foot-dry foot policy is one of those.  So are all of the asylum laws we currently have in the USA.

The basic rules for immigration to this country should be based on the USA gaining some benefit from allowing the immigrant.  Anything that doesn’t fit this rule should not be allowed.  Your homeland is over-run with sprinting zombies?  Not my problem.  Tribe next door goes on a killing rampage?  I don’t care.  Can’t buy food in your country?  Sucks to be you.  If the asylum seekers of the world need someplace to go, there are 198 other countries in the world to choose from.  I suggest they try one of those that is culturally, linguistically, and religiously more aligned with the place they are fleeing from.

Where could the Cubans go?  How about Havana?  Or Haiti?


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6 Responses to Agreeing with Obama on Cuba

  1. Og says:

    Havana is in Cuba. I think you mean the Dominican Republic.


  2. Og says:

    Ah, as in “Back to havana”, well, there is that, but if they were inclined to fight they probably wouldn’t have left.


    • No One says:

      True. But then why would we want them? When our country is in need, will they fight for us? I like to look at immigrants as an employer looking at their resume. When someone flees their home, they may have really good reasons. That doesn’t mean they need to bring their problems here.


  3. Og says:

    I know of more than a few cubans who are serving in the military.


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