More Fake News: Protests at confirmation hearings.

Here is the Washington Times story about it.  I just saw it happen live on Fox.  The Times claims it was Code Pink.  The Guy was wearing a black knitted cap (indoors) which leads me to believe he was more interested in displaying his logo on the cap than keeping his head warm.  The logo looked like “NOT”.  code for “Not in our Name”.

Not much difference between them.  They are both sock puppets for the Democratic party.  Seriously.  Democrats, if you want normal Americans to ever take you seriously again, get control of your dogs.

It is amazing that groups that were both anti-war groups that were formed to protest George Bush, suddenly went silent for 8 years while Obama continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and started two new wars in Libya and Syria and tried to start a war in Egypt.  But I guess they aren’t really anti-war groups.  They are just anti-Republican party groups.

News that talks about these groups without pointing out their connection to the democratic party is fake news.


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