More Fake News: Anarchists

Yes you read that right.  “Anarchists” are expected to try to disrupt the Inauguration of Trump.  Seriously.  There haven’t been any real anarchists in the USA for about a 100 years.  It’s like saying the KKK is going to disrupt anything larger than a girl scout cook sale outside of Walmart.  There aren’t enough real anarchists in the USA to fill a high school gymnasium.

So, what is really going on?  A highly organized event.  Hierarchical management.  Budgets. Timetables.  Training and recruitment of members from member lists of reliable people.  It is La Rasa, BLM, SEIU and Occupy Wall Street all over again.  It is the fringe puppets of the Democratic party.  Of course it won’t happen during this administration.  But I would like to see a Trump appointed AG go after these groups and prosecute them for the crimes they commit.  I would like to see the bosses and the bosses of bosses personally held accountable for the damage they send their minions to do.  Even if that leads back to the organizer in chief.

The parade is not the inauguration.  The real inauguration will happen with or without a parade.  Trump will take office on 20 Jan no matter how many people protest against it.

This is a lot of money being spent by various interests to disrupt something that is ceremonial at best.If they spent that money on actual social causes instead of on trying to control the government to fund those causes, there might not be any need to fund them with the government.  For example, Advocates for Planned parenthood will spend more money advocating for funding for planned parenthood and lobbying congress, than planned parenthood will eventually get from congress.  If those people just put their own money where there mouths were, there could be free abortions for all the brown babies in America.


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