The Most Entertaining Presidency Ever

  1.  Chief intelligence officer Clapper told congress this morning that the Russians definitely hacked the election.  He provided no evidence.  He depended instead entirely on his own reputation for credibility.  This is the same Clapper who lied to congress about the NSA spying on the American People.
  2. Surviving Democrats are fearful about the chaos that would happen if Obamacare is erased.  Chaos wasn’t one of their top issues when they were passing a bill in the middle of the night to create Obamacare and disrupt the health insurance of tens of millions of Americans.
  3. Democrats all over the country are moaning and wailing about the damage Trump will do to the nation because of his inexperience.  The same democrats who enthusiastically elected a Junior Senator from Illinois who had a record of voting “present” and no real accomplishments.
  4. Friends of Hillary Clinton are reportedly encouraging her to run for NYC mayor.  More fake news.  I don’t believe Hillary has any friends.  And she starts all of her campaigns by telling everyone that other people insist she run.  It’s just another job that the democratic party insiders are going to grant to Hillary so she can continue to be treated like royalty, at other people’s expense.  Like being wife of the Arkansas AG, first lady of Arkansas, Wife of the President of the USA, Senator from NY, and finally Secretary of State.

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