A suggestion for Trump and the Republicans regarding Confirmation.

Now is the time to try out new things.  If you can’t try out now things with a guy like Trump in charge, then just accept the fact that you are useless and need to be replaced.

No congressional hearings to confirm Trumps appointees.  Trump, just send a list to Congress.  Congress, rubber stamp the list, “approved”.  Done.  Millions of dollars saved.  Countless hours of democratic party showboating sunk.  Seriously.  All your “congressional oversight” process didn’t save us from getting any of Obama’s appointees including Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton as Sec State.  It didn’t prevent the three flaming Democratic partisans at the Supreme court.  It did prevent some of the finest legal minds our country has produced from getting appointed by Republicans because of Democratic shenanigans. Appointment confirmation hearings do nothing to ensure that the worst partisans are excluded.  They do nothing to ensure that only qualified people get appointed. They do nothing to assist congress in their lawful role of oversight.  So, just refuse to do it.  Rubber stamp the list and get on with it.  No other country in the world does this to itself.  And us doing it does nothing useful.

Seriously.  Congress isn’t going to say “no” to anyone.  The dems are all going to vote against everyone and the Republicans are all going to vote for, so the conclusion is assured.  This dog and pony show doesn’t need to happen let those people get to work on day one with the full authority of their office.


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2 Responses to A suggestion for Trump and the Republicans regarding Confirmation.

  1. Heresolong says:

    On the other hand, since the Democrats under Harry Reid killed the filibuster for nominees you can let the Democrats pull their stupid stunts and then confirm them anyway. Watch some of the Sessions confirmation hearings to watch the Ds make fools of themselves.


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