TV review:  The Glades, season 4, episode 4.

If I hadn’t already watched everything worth watching on netflux, I’d skip this program.  Seriously, it’s not that bad, but it has some moments that are terrible.  For example, the non-stop KIA product placement. 

1.  It seems they got a lot of calls in the past three seasons afoul their obvious ignorance on gun laws.  So this episode, they need to track a gun by its filed off serial number and the chief detective says, “as we all know, gun registration isn’t required in florida”.  …and…. they still get it wrong.  It’s not just “not required”, it’s not possible.  There is no gun registration in Florida.

2.  Autopsy results declare that “the gun they are looking for is a 38 caliber Long Colt, not .38 special. Problem is, both of those cartridges use identical slugs, differing only in the case size.

3.  For a cop show, they don’t really do a lot of “cop” stuff.  In four seasons, they haven’t solved a single crime without the wIlling cooperation of the suspects.  Haven’t any of these people heard, “don’t talk to cops”?  In every case, the main detective is rude and accuses innocent people of murder, only to accuse someone else later.  Eventually, someone admits it.  Until that happens, the police have a mixed bag of uncoordinated evidence and wild guesses.  No proof.  

4.  This particular episode starts out with the police station emptying out and people sprinting to their cars because “one of their own” was killed.  The police chief’s “worst nightmare” is a cop killer on the street.  But then they discover that it was just a male strpper in a fake police uniform.  So pressure is off.  Even though it’s only TV, it burns my ass that some some people consider themselves more important than others.  FREE CLUE:  if your motto is “to protect and serve”, you should take seriously and personally every single citizen death on your watch.  If you think of yourself as a “sheepdog”, every fallen sheep should be your worst day. 


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