Damn Obama.  He only has a month left in office and he wants to use it to start a war with Russia.  Once again, America will be depending on the Russians to keep us out of war by not taking out government seriously.  Once again, the adult T-Rex is expected to not eat the Baby T-Rex when the Baby T-Rex challenged the Adult for dominance. I hope they can be patient for another month no matter what Obama does to them in the next month.

Russia is not our enemy.  The Cold War is over.  We only were against the Russians because they were communists and had a policy of global domination and were responsible for killing millions of (mostly their own) people.  The Soviet Union is long gone and buried.  The Russians are more capitalist than we are.  There is no reason at all why the USA and Russia should not be strong allies all over the world.

I don’t want a war with Russia.  I certainly don’t want one because our president blunders into it.  And I especially don’t want one because our secretaries of State think they are so darned smart that they can play with the globe like a full scale game of Risk.

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2 Responses to WAR!!

  1. Og says:

    Wingnuthead has to have his legacy. Obamacare will be dismantled,and all the other crap he did will be (Hopefully) forgotten. So he has to poke the bear.


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