Sitting on a Throne of Lies

It’s Christmas again.  That time of year when everyone argues about the meaning of Christmas while calling people they disagree with “assholes”.

The caption on the video labels this guy as “CRAZY” (in caps).  But there is nothing he says that is in any way objectionable, crazy or untrue.  Parents hate him for telling the truth.

Christmas, as we know it is actually three different holidays.  It is a Pagan holiday, a secular holiday and a Christian religious holiday, all celebrated on the same day with the same name.  No wonder people are confused.

But the part about Santa is absolutely true.  Santa does not exist and every adult knows this.  Yet they all think it is fun to lie to their kids about it until the kids are old enough to figure it out.

FREE CLUE:  half the kids in that line have already figured it out.  Other kids told them last year.  They talk to each other about oral sex. You think they keep the Santa secret as well as the Adults do?

Aside from this being a twisted lie, based on nothing, it is a pointlessly stupid lie that does nothing to make the child better off.  Why would any parent participate in this nonsense?

In addition to the pointless ritual of forcing your kids to sit on a homeless stranger’s lap, we add pointlessness by creating huge charities where everyone is encouraged to give age appropriate unwrapped new toys (but not toy guns) to poor children. If the children are “poor”, don’t you think they would benefit more from something useful?  Like new socks?  Or a visit to the Dentist?  Come to think of it, didn’t we just give all those kids a back-to-school backpack full of paper, pens, and hand sanitizer?  Shouldn’t that count?

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9 Responses to Sitting on a Throne of Lies

  1. Og says:

    Sorry Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas. The name is a deterioration of the Dutch “Sinterklaas” St Nick is famous for punching heretics, and helping the poor. It’s neither a fantasy nor a creation, but a substantiated and undeniable fact. The “Santa Claus’ we see today may be a creation from whole cloth of the Coca Cola company, but the person was real, his deeds legendary. That Santa Claus has been conflated with Christmas merely allows us to celebrate the birth of Christ, and remind everyone that heresy should be punished. (yes, that’s the naughty or nice part of the history). This guy is not anyone’s hero, he’s just an asshole. (Saint Nick is the man who reminded us all that Christ was divine, when heretics were questioning his divinity)


  2. Og says:

    One name; Christ mass. All the holy days of obligation used to be known as “Something mass”.


  3. JN says:

    I taught my kids the real story of Santa Claus (Og’s version to the extent that I knew it, not being Catholic) since day 1. I however told them not to correct the other kids about it. That is their parents job.


    • No One says:

      There is no “real story” of Santa Claus. He is a fictional character. Og’s story is about a guy named Nicolas, who never lived at the north pole, never enslaved elves, never flew through the air in a deer-powered sleigh, and very likely never owned a polyester red suit with fake white fur trim from China. If you give gifts to celebrate St Nick, tell his story and emulate him by giving gifts to your own family and friends, you are a Pagan.


  4. Og says:

    Og’s story is the correct one, and is verifiable independantly. Nobody gives gifts to celebrate st nick. The lies you have been told notwithstanding.


  5. Ame says:

    ahhh … the huge debate among christians … should we or should we not play the make-believe santa and easter bunny games. sigh.

    yes, we played the santa and easter bunny games … till they asked it they were real. my girls know the ‘real’ story of the birth and death and resurrection of Jesus. my oldest laments that we told her the truth too young b/c she asked.

    my husband teases that if you stop believing in santa, he stops coming 😉 … so we all choose to play make-believe-in-santa. and we know it’s make-believe.


  6. Og says:

    Plenty of people also take the words of lunatic preachers with a four year divinity degree as the “Only truth!”, while ignoring thousands of years and hundreds of millions of man hours of theological study, too.

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