Fake News

Last week, there was a shooting in DC at a pizza place where no one was shot.  Not even the shooter was injured.  We have been hearing nonstop press releases since then about how damaging “fake news” is.

What happened to the shooting at the Pizza place?  This was a shooting that hurt no one.  It didn’t even attempt to hurt anyone.  Why is this a bigger issue for trained professional politicians than REAL SHOOTINGS that happen every day in DC.  Shootings that kill actual people?  What is the difference between a man who is supposedly motivated by “fake news” and one who is motivated by taking your stuff?

Why does anyone still take these people seriously?  Washington Post?  Fake!  Democratic politicians?  Fake!  I have never heard Hillary ever say a word that was sincere and not focus group tested.  I have never seen anything in the Washington Post, NBC/ CNN or the others that wasn’t trimmed and crafted to make their people look their best and to make conservatives look evil.

Based on the lack of any harm being done, I think there is a huge possibility that this was a fake shooting, designed to showcase the fake issue of Fake News.   I suspect we won’t hear about this any more.  We won’t hear about this guy’s trial.  He will just go home and disappear off the headlines.


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One Response to Fake News

  1. Heresolong says:

    “he fired from an assault-like AR-15 rifle” So the NYTimes is now calling AR-15s “assault-like”? Apparently the “assault weapon” tag didn’t stick since some of us have been pointing out at every opportunity that the military does not use AR-15s and that there is a distinct difference between military rifles and civilian rifles. Even my mildly anti-gun father has recently admitted that the whole “assault weapon” thing is bogus.

    Also from the paper of record: “Mr. Alefantis, who has repeatedly refuted the fake news articles,” (emphasis mine)

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    I thought journalists were trained in, like, the English language. How exactly has he refuted this? Depositions from child sex slave traffickers stating that he isn’t one of them? Videos of a shop empty of child sex slaves? I wonder, perhaps, if they meant “denied”? Arrogant and ignorant.


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