Civics 101

Just a reminder.  The President is the chief Executive officer of the Executive Branch of the government.

He does not Lead the USA.

He is not the leader of the free world.

He does not control the government.

He does not have the authority to control the economy, set tax policy or independently make deals with foreign governments.

He IS in total and absolute control of every part of the executive branch.

Thus, the news media should remind us of this every time they do a story about the FBI, CIA, State department, or DoD.

“Obama’s DoD wastes $125 Billion and covers it up”.

“Obama’s FBI clears Hillary of wrong doing”.

“Obama’s CIA parrots DNC talking points about Russians influencing election outcome”.

“Obama’s Veterans Affairs department kills more vets on illegal waiting lists and still get bonuses.”

“Obama’s IRS uses the law to punish conservative and religious groups.

“Obama’s DoJ oppresses minorities and crushes civil liberties all over the country”.

And “Obama’s State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) declares illegal wars in Libya and Syria and kills tens to thousands of people for no good reason”.



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