A Time of Reflection: Not!

The extreme Left, as represented by the Democratic party and their habitual voter base, are showing themselves to be as extreme now as they were before the election.  At every opportunity, be it a live TV show, a Live play, a News cast, or a social media blip.  It is all the same.  Anti-Trump is strong and everywhere.  The part I don’t get is that it is unreasonable.

  1.  I realize that most Americans are stupid.  Statistically, half have below average intelligence.
  2. I realize that the Left campaigned forcefully and strongly on the character assassination issue.  But how many Libs really believe all that stuff about Trump being a Racist, Misogynist, loud mouth with small hands (whatever that is supposed to mean)?   Seriously.  Russians, living in the old USSR, KNEW that Pravda only printed lies.  They made up stories that they believed instead of what their government told them.  There must be some intelligent Libs who know they were being lied to, and repeated the lies themselves, just for the campaign.  But the campaign is over.  It’s OK to admit that Trump will probably of an OK president, and not nearly as bad as Obama who had no experience doing anything his whole life but riding in the back of the gravy train threatening to put on the brakes if he didn’t get to wear the conductor’s hat..
  3. So, why the hell are the media still playing the game as if it matters, as if Americans want to hear it, or as if it were true?  Even Hillary has given up and gone into hiding.

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