Saturday Range report

I was at the gun show and it occurred to me that my previous range report failed to account for the use of good quality or bad quality ammo. So I bought some cheap ammo to get some specs.

Last week, I was shooting Federal.

This runs about $20 for a box of 50 at the gun show today.  At the range, today, ten rounds at 30 feet looked like this:

7 shots in the 9 ring, 3 more on the 8 ring.

Then there is the cheapest ammo I can get.  TulAmmo from Russia.  Steel case.  230gr FMJ round nose. $13 a box.

7 shots inside the 9 ring. 1 in the 8, 2 in the 7.

Finally, some gun show reloads from a guy I don’t know.  Again, 10 rounds at 30 feet.  The price of these was $20 a box for 50, but that was a few years ago.  I didn’t see their current price.

Results were about the same for all of them.  Middle of the road = cheapest I can get as far as accuracy.

Then I shot 15 rounds each of Federal and Tulammo at 25 yards to check for a noticeable difference in drop.  I circled each group with ball point pen.  They pretty much overlap.  

And they strike high and right.  So I still need to adjust those sights.

Of note:  I fired off the rest of that box of Tula.  Out of 50 rounds, there were 2 missfeeds.  I would expect that from my own reloads, using Hardcast bullets because they sometimes get a little stray lead around the casing mouth.  But that is way too unreliable for me to use any of this for anything but shooting paper targets.

Next time:   Reloading my own for some high quality ammo comparisons.


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