Gun show saturday

At the gun show in Chantilly, VA.  

First stop is the target vendor to compare the B27 to B34 targets.

The B34 “9” circle is half the size of the B27.

2.  The pickle guy is doing big sales.  but seriously, this is a gun show, not a pickle show.  personally, I wouldn’t buy pickles from a home made pickler.  there’s no telling if the pickling process has finished if you don’t know how long it’s been in the barrel.

3. Something new:  Magpul furniture for your crappy AK guns.  now you can join the 21st century with color coordinated plastics and better ergonomics.

4.  Something new.  Someone just figured out that if you are using a CNC to cut vent holes in your AR floating barrel handguards, you can make those vents any shape you like .  I’m seeing some artistic designs here. Chain links, skulls, stars.  Really Purdy.

5.  Something new.  It was only a matter of time. 80% Glock lowers.  Finish it yourself.  I understand the appeal of making your own gun as a hobby.  I see the marketing for these as “no serial numbers”.  It is amazing that Americans still think serial numbers are a foolproof way to track crimes back to criminals.  The “I sold it years ago” ends the link cold.  Massive data bases tracking owners by SN, are pointless.  It only works for cars because cars are operated openly in public with proof of registration  posted on them (plates).   even then, the current owner could be removed from the user by as much as a year.  

6. Something old.  Road wheels for your WW2 Panther tank.  (limit 2).  Good condition.  Not retreads.  Get them while they last. $800.

  7.  To the  girl at the table selling those stupid gel packs from China, “Nice display”!!  You know what I mean.  The guy behind me noticed it too. So did his wife.  She noticed that he noticed.  Gun show is over for him.  Haha.

8.  The gun show organizers need to be more diligent in enforcing isle widths.  The vendors like to encroach on the isle to make the most of the space they have. It makes the experience bad for the customers. An isle needs to be wide enough for two black women to pass each other without needing to apply oil.  This ensures there is plenty of room for people with strollers and assisted mobility devices too.

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