Job Opportunities

OK.  I fell for it.  I logged into the TRUMP jobs site.  It only asks for contact information: name, address, phone, email.  Nothing about your skills and abilities. Nothing about which job you would like to have. Nothing about “attach resume here”.

So, I am thinking that it is just another way to harvest fund raising information, not a real opportunity for jobs in the Trump administration.  Just like all those petition drives.

On another front, the Army civil service is looking for volunteers to go to Afghanistan.  I am already on record saying that there is nothing going on in Afghanistan that is worth a single American life.  But the money is pretty sweet!!  Last time I deployed, I was recalled from retirement into uniform.  I lost money every month I was In Iraq.  But I did get that sweet patriotism bonus that kept me warm at night.  This time, it’s for the money.


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