Election Evaluation

The election is over.  The votes have been counted.  The answer isn’t going to change.  Trump will be president for at least the next 4 years.  None of the bad things his critics fear will happen.  Many of the good things that his supporters hope for won’t happen.  Life will go on.

So what’s going on with the Hillary supporters?  Why are they still acting like they can change the results?  Why are they still in campaign mode?  Do they actually believe their own agit-prop?  Can they really be that stupid?

I suggest that once they have entrenched themselves into the Hillary tank, they couldn’t get back out emotionally or intellectually.  Having chosen to willfully ignore all of Hillary’s faults and choosing to accept all of the character assassination on Trump, they are simply unable to admit it was all just a campaign and not the real bitter truth.   It’s a very awkward place to be.

Naturally, as long as the paychecks keep coming, professional agitators like BLM and the legacy media will continue to proclaim they were right and Trump is a fascist, homophobic, racist, misanthrope with a small penis.  But for everyone else, it really is time to go on with your life and try harder next time.  Do what the Republicans did.  Use the primary process to vet your candidates and select one that your voters actually like.  Webb would have been a MUCH better choice.  You don’t even have to admit you were wrong.  Just pretend the Hillary attempt didn’t happen.  Shoot for your next glass ceiling breaker in 2020.  Hopefully the Republicans won’t beat you to it.

Just as I said about Obama, America is certainly ready to elect a women as president (or a black man), just not THAT one.  The Black community would have been much better off if they had selected someone other than Obama as their “first black president”.  Instead they got the empty suit that taught America that “voting for a black man is a really bad idea”.  So, you want a woman president?  It think it is totally possible.  Americans don’t care about that.   But why pick one that is the most corrupt politician in American history?

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