A Word from the Historical Archives

The last time Republicans had majorities in the House , Senate, Supreme Court and the President, they squandered it and did nothing.


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5 Responses to A Word from the Historical Archives

  1. JN says:

    That is when I stopped considering myself a Republican.


  2. doomdigit says:


    Didn’t see this til after the fact. Someone posted this on facebook which I hardly ever visit.


    • No One says:

      What’s your point? 3 days before the election, NPR ran hours of in depth coverage about how reasonable and customary the email thing was and only morons thought it was important. Every lefty media outlet was covering for her on this. Vox is a lefty media outlet. And a lot of what that said is just flat wrong. Wrong, wrong. Wrong.


  3. doomdigit says:

    I just thought it was interesting how they could wave everything away like that. The person that posted that on FB was someone I argued with in school about basically the very same things… with Bill Clinton. It’s like he never grew up.


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