It is indeed a new day

+(H/T  90 Miles from Tyranny)

WOW!  I am just amazed that this has happened.   Here’s some more to think about…

  1.  As a data junkie, I will of course be interested in seeing the demographic breakdown of the votes cast.  I already know that 53% of white women voted for Trump, despite the campaign talking point that he hated women and wants them all to wear burkas unless they are smoking hot in a bikini.  I would be interested in seeing if Hispanics voted for him in large numbers, blowing out the old trope of ” you have to support unlimited third world immigration to get the Hispanic vote”.  And then look at the black vote to see if he increased black voter participation despite the unsupported claims he is a racist.
  2. A bayonet on a minigun. I’m not a fan of bayonets.  I think they are an archaic artifact of the past that serve no useful function today other than opening the impenetrable plastic that covers military rations.  But now that I see it, I want one.
  3. Once again, now that a Republican is the winner, the leftist media is doing their song and dance about how important it is for Trump to build bridges and be a team player.  This, coming from the party that has a pen and a phone.
  4. In the last week before the election, the Democratic national committee sponsored a blitz on the radio, not associated with any candidate.  In it, they used Barrack Obama telling America that the Republicans only wanted Gridlock and the American people wanted progress.  I wonder if Democrats really believe this and will “go along” with Republican led progress?  Yes, I already know the answer to this.
  5. Trump gave a really nice acceptance speech full of platitudes about working together now.  But seriously.  We didn’t elect him for that.  We elected him to “drain the swamp”.  “Build the Wall”.  “Enforce our laws”.  “Repeal”.  And put that old hag in jail where she belongs.  There needs to be a serious house cleaning come January.
  6. January 20th is a long way off.  Count on the Obamas to obstruct a whole lot of justice, loot a whole lot of treasure,  reward a whole lot of friends and punish a whole lot of enemies.  I hope the Trump administration is keeping score.  The American People will want a retaliation.
  7. In every case, the news media is 100% wrong on the substance of the Trump victory.  It isn’t just mindless anger by a whole bunch of ignorant White men.  It isn’t just “Hope and Change” burning in every heart.  It is that the American people violently disagree with the policies of the Obama and Clinton administrations and want to prevent them from continuing.  Oh, and we would also be pretty happy about some swamp draining, law enforcing, and wall building.
  8. House Cleaning.  A whole lot of people have used the power and wealth of the Government to oppress the American people during the past 4 years.  Those people need to be rooted out and punished.  Fired at the very least.  Future bureaucrats need to know that they need to obey the laws or will be held personally accountable, under the law.  The IRS, BLM, Parks Department, State Department, and the entire civil rights division of the Justice department are at the top of my list.
  9. Burn the witch.  Hillary has been above the law for too long.  She has committed far too many crimes.  Her whole empire needs to be dismantled and burned to the ground.  Then she should be offered the chance to go into the desert, to save her followers from further disgrace.  There is no need for a special prosecutor.  Any federal prosecutor can do it.  There doesn’t need to be a single huge investigation that takes 5 years and spends millions of dollars.  Let each federal prosecutor (Trump appointed ones) each bring charges for some small crimes, one at a time.  Make her defend against them all.  One at a time.  Drip, drip, drip.

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  1. Ame says:

    that is an awesome pic.


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