Final words

Watching returns on election night.  At this point, they are calling Virginia with Hillary only leading by 7k votes  and no matter which channel I watch, the media coverage is universally favoring Hillary in how they report.  No surprises there.

This is where I will remind you of the lesson of 2000:  Never concede until all the votes are counted AND all the fake ballots have been challenged. This could take weeks.  Both candidates should have their favorite lawyers petitioning their favorite judges for injunctions in every state where the count is close.

Reminder:  the military vote never gets counted.  The state secretaries normally certify the results before they even get those mail-in ballots. 

D.C.  went 95% for Hillary.  All the evidence we need that they don’t need statehood. They are incapable of self government. More importantly, they are totally out of touch with America.

Even Fox is reading off the Democratic party talking points in how they describe Trump.  Straight off the Podesta emails. “Temprement”, “problems with women”, etc.

I also find it interesting that the commenter are calling Virginia a “Swing state” now. That term wasn’t used at any previous time in this campaign.  It was called a safe blue state. ya thing if we thought Virginia was close, some people might have tried harder?  Yep.  Cause? Meet effect.

I find the third party turnout of 2-3% amazing.  This is less than half the numbers that were predicted everywhere just a few days ago.  


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