Two Americas

I was just reflecting on path our nation is traveling down.  No matter who wins this election, we aren’t going to recover.  The damage is too deep.  The entrenched interests are too entrenched.

  1.  Race:  Specifically Black Vs White.  I never used to be racist*.  But now I have to concede that I am.  Really.  Real F-ing racist.    Over the past 8 years of Obama as president, Black people have taught me that White people are superior to them in every way (except professional sports, OBVIOUSLY).  When I see black people at work, I see enemies.  I see people who are, as a group, working to undermine my community.  I see people who drill holes in the bottom of the collective lifeboat because they are thirsty.  I see people who are too stupid to run their own lives but who believe they have a right to run mine because they can vote.   I realize this is seriously unfair to black people who are just like me in every way except for their skin color.  I feel bad about that.  But I can’t help it.  It would be futile, self-defeating, and just plain stupid to ignore the abundant evidence of my own eyes and instead cling to a cherished 1960’s view of America where Black people are just like us.  To all the Black and White people who participated in creating this circumstance, I say, FUCK YOU!  You had a really good thing here and you are ruining it for everyone.  I hope you live just long enough to regret it and then you die horribly and painfully.
  2. Anger:  I am a MUCH angrier person than I used to be.  All I really wanted out of life was to be left alone.  That isn’t even an option on the menu anymore.  I can only “live and let live” because the shooting hasn’t started yet.  It is incredibly bad manners to start the shooting before the official start time.  But I can see it coming.  I am a student of history.  I have seen this before.  It is like the French and the German soldiers drinking in the same bar in 1935.  They know it is coming.  They know that the other side wants to kill them. There is no camaraderie between professionals who respect each other.  The people who make me the angriest are the ones who, for their own enrichment, created this circumstance where violence, Anger and racial divide is the normal.  I used to own guns because it was just good clean fun.  Now I seriously see that I will need to use them in the near future.
  3. Immigration:  This is not a race issue.  This is a survival issue.  The lifeboat only has so much room and so many supplies.  Instead of building their own life boats, immigrants want to just hop into mine.  They are telling me that they intend to kill me by degrees, first by making a claim against my charitable nature. Then by making a claim against my labor. Then my enslaving me.  And finally, when they have everything they want from me and I am no longer useful to them, they will kill me.  This sounds like irrational paranoia.  But I have seen this before.  All the dominoes are set up.  Physics demands they will fall a certain way once that first one is nudged.
  4. Revolution:  As bad as everything is now, what is coming will be even worse and every rational and humane person should actively do everything they can to avoid it, even while they prepare for it.  In America, he can already have a bloodless coup every 2 years.  Our system is designed that way.  If you are cynical and think, “voting doesn’t change anything”, you may be right.  But just like with the practice of medicine, you first try all the simple things to cure you, like good diet, exercise, and physical therapy, then go for the invasive surgeries.  Half of eligible Americans don’t vote.  If only 10% of those lazy or cynical bastards would drag their asses to the voting booth EVERY TIME they are asked, then we can avoid the blood.  Without regard to political party, if you keep voting for the incumbent, why do you expect anything to get better?  Hillary Clinton is the Incumbent for this election.  She is the most corrupt, the most insider, the most entrenched, the most politically connected.  Everything that the Democratic party claims to stand for, she is a poster child of the opposite.  And yet, there she is.


*Classical racist:  The belief that as a group, one race is superior to another, not that every member of one group is superior to every member of the other group.   Modern racist:  Anyone with white skin.

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  1. blueinfantry says:

    Insightful. And honest. Thanks. Have a great day.


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