Live blogging the vote.

I’m here at my voting place.

1.  This is obviously a heavy Democrat district.  Lots of old black women with limited vocabulary in line.

2.  As I walked up, one old black woman pulled  up in her Escalade and asked me if she could park in the middle of the street.  I guess being white makes me a symbol of authority.  I told her to go for it. 

3.  The Democratic party is handing  out sample ballots to people in line.  How is this not campaigning?  It’s actually pretty demeaning.  They think their voters are so stupid, they have to be shown how to mark an “x” in the box.  Then there are the ballot issues.  The low intelligence Democratic voters can read them 20 times and still not understand them.   They really just want someone to tell them how to vote.  

4.  It’s pretty chilly outside.  The line to vote is long.  this neighborhood is all blacks and yuppies.

5.  Been in line for 20 minutes so far. The line is moving pretty steady.

6.  Been here 25 minutes.  Just made it inside the door.  The line is still long and wraps around inside the building.

7.  I am seriously starting to feel my vote is totally wasted in this district. I laugh every time I hear about people whining about how voting third party is throwing away your vote, or how DC doesn’t get representation in congress.  The real unrepresented throw away votes are people who vote republican in a solid Democrat district.

8.  Voting is in a community center, next to an elementary school.  It has a sign up for, “kids club”.  It’s just a fully funded baby sitting service after school until parents get off work.   The wealth transfer happens at every level. 

9. XKCD just lost their coveted spot on my blogroll.  Their cartoon yesterday announces their support for Hillary.  I don’t care about their politics.  I care that they care more about their politics than their craft.  The fact that they want to turn America into a third world cesspool annoys me.

10. Getting closer to the front of the line.  paper ballots are in use.  Poll workers are 6 old black women and 3 old white women.  Going out on a limb here.  100% in the bag for Hillary.

11.  Finished.  47 minutes after 2 years of waiting.


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