If you are voting for any third part candidate, you are a useless tool.  Your guy isn’t going to win.  The Libertarian candidate is not libertarian.  He is establishment republican insider.  He is a full member of the entrenched incumbent party.  Trump is the outside the betlway candidate.  Trump is the only candidate who is not a career politician.  experience at lying to the voters to get elected is NOT a virtue.  The Democrats know this.  That’s why stein will only get a token vote by stoned college kids.  the Libertarian party is a tool of the Democratic party to shave a few percent off the Republican vote and it works.

How much of his own money does the libertarian candidate have invested in this race?   $0.  Nada.  Nothing.  Not even the filing fee.  That should tell you something.  His purpose isn’t to win or to shape the campaign.  His purpose is to help Hillary win. 


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