Overheard at the office

When I hear just how stupid people are, I mourn.

Historically, the economy always does better under a democrat.

Seriously?  So, it’s like some sort of magic that just happens because Democrats are lucky or something?  Never ask WHY an economy is good or bad, or even how to measure such goodness or badness.  Never follow the trail of breadcrumbs between policy, action and result.  Too hard.


The Stock market is going to surge once Hillary gets elected.  The Markets love stability.

WTF!  The stock market is not the economy.  The stock market is not a proxy for the economy.  The stock market is not an investment where millions of little people pool their money to create huge corporations that create goods and services.  The stock market is a casino where insiders bet on the value of stocks going up or down according to random fluctuations of future sales.  On the whole, the market will go up year after year because the number of dollars going into the market increases every couple of weeks, thanks to the magic of 401(K) contributions.


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