Latest Clinton Scandal

What the heck.  Another 650K emails discovered on a computer in the Huma Home that she and Antony Wiener shared.

  1.  Huh?  Two wealthy people need to share a laptop computer when they both need their own for the work they do?  Why would they share?  I’m not rich and I haven’t shared a computer with anyone in decades.  Not only so stuff like this doesn’t happen, but also so they don’t mess up my settings and delete important stuff.
  2. My guess is, that Huma and Mr Danger were using this laptop as a backup for their primary devices.  It is also my guess that both of them forgot they has a system to make regular backups of their devices.
  3. If Mr Wiener suddenly feels very remorseful and shoots himself in the back of his head, does this all go away?  Since the evidence is related to his case, it all becomes moot if he dies.
  4. I can understand Coomy wanting to go hard on this case since he was publicly humiliated when he white washed Hillary’s previous scandal.  But I don’t expect a different result.  It’s just too much information to parse through.  In the end, his errors in the previous case will limit his ability to do anything about this case, with the exception of putting Huma behind bars.  And I expect a presidential pardon for her right after the election.  So, maybe she spends 24 hours in federal custody.   It is still true what Coomy said before:  It is unlikely he will be able to find a federal prosecutor, all of whom are appointed democrats, to take up a prosecution case against Hillary.  She is above the law.
  5. This is not a Trump October surprise.  This is an early Christmas gift.
  6. I don’t expect it to make any difference at all.  Hillary’s supporters already know she is hopelessly corrupt, and they don’t care.  She is a woman and she supports women’s causes.  Funny how if you are a democrat, the only “women’s causes” there are, are abortion and birth control.  Women don’t seem to care about their jobs being gutted by regulation or paying taxes on their women-owned small businesses.  Women don’t seem to care that their husbands and children are facing economic collapse and starvation.  Those aren’t “women’s issues”.
  7. 650K emails is a lot of emails.  It is a lot to sift through.  But it is also more than any one person could reasonably expect to get or make any use of.  This looks like it could be Huma downloading the entire email cache for a whole office at the State Department.  The only possible purpose she could have for that would be either to blackmail Hillary (in the sense of protecting herself from committing suicide), or as espionage.  It is entirely possible, that she intended to transfer the entire contents to a foreign power. It is also very likely that she already has transferred it.  Seriously.  This is a “Bradly Manning” level of data.  The real crime here is not that Hillary is corrupt, dishonest, self-serving, and indifferent about her official duties.  The real crime here may be that her top aide was caught spying.  The obvious list of suspects includes Islamic governments and agents.  Imagine if you will, if every diplomatic transaction by the secretary of State’s office, were known to foreign powers that were negotiating treaties with the USA.  What sort of positions might be undermined?  Could this explain why the entire Obama administration has seemed totally inept in every diplomatic exchange around the globe, taking the short end in every negotiation?  If anyone said, “it’s almost like they are reading our minds”, they would be nearly right on target.

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2 Responses to Latest Clinton Scandal

  1. Og says:

    Actually, they can get through the meat of that with some simple search engines and not even have to work hard. Plug that into something as rudimentary as Exchange, and it gives you enough tools to do anything you need to get the goods on hills. But, like you said, it won’t matter. People would vote for her if she aborted a puppy onstage and ate it.


  2. doomdigit says:

    “Hillary’s supporters already know she is hopelessly corrupt, and they don’t care.”

    Nuremberg the shitlibs. Treat them all as members of a criminal organization. Das Ende.


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