Gun show live blogging

I’m at the gun show in Fredericksburg, VA this morning.  The parking lot is packed.  The crowd inside is reasonable.  No one is shooting or getting drunk.  There seems to be plenty of guns, ammo and loot for sale.

1.  Something new.  Flamethrowers.  A couple of vendors have them.  Same models.  Just the thing for suburb dwellers to give the 12 year-olds for Christmas. Only $1,000.

2.  I’m not really seeing the point of pistol that weigh 4 times normal pistol weight and cost twice as much.  CZ Scorpion. 9mm.  $800.

3.  Gun prices are pretty much what they were 10 years ago, before the threat of Obama.  A good quality 1911 is still $1000.  A good AR is $850.  A cheap 9mm is $275. An Ar-10 type gun is $1200. The Rem 700 SPS AAC-SD with threaded barrel in .308 is still $695.  This is a great starter gun to build a tack driver on (so I hear).  It has just the right balance between barrel length, barrel stiffness, and barrel weight.

4.  Something new.  Polymer stock for your bolt action Rem 700 series rifle so you can attach standard AR parts to it, like pistol grips, magpul adjustable stocks, flashlights and other multi color “bling”.

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