October Surprises

No one cares.


At this point, I think the Hillary campaign has already shot their wad** WRT some new Trump “scandal”.  I know that they likely have a few more women in the wings waiting to come forward and accuse Trump of man handling them.  But the earlier accusations have inoculated Trump against further accusations.  If ten accusers didn’t damage Trump, 11 isn’t going to do the trick.  What more could they have?  Trump did in fact bribe a whole bunch of politicians (they were all democrats, including HRC herself).

Similarly, what October surprise would matter to the hoards of people who are looking at Hillary?  We have 30 years of her very blatant and public scandals.  There have been books written about her that detail more about her than anyone wants to know.  If the thirty years of corruption, abuse of power, and being an evil witch wasn’t enough to get you to vote against her, what is it that puts you “over the top”?   Sure, those first 10,000 Podesta emails were pretty bad, but email #10,001 was the straw that broke my back.

There can’t be any surprises at this point other than video tape of Hillary and Trump sitting down together to decide who was going to win this election, several years ago, then having sex together, and there are already some people who seriously believe this.

We know all about these people.  One is a vile corrupt career politician who has never done a fair day’s work in her life and the other is a slightly sleazy billionaire playboy.  Go ahead and try to surprise me.  You got 2 weeks left.

**This is a black powder cannon term, NOT a pornographic term.  OK.  It seems the internet has a gaping hole on this topic which is being filled with conjecture and creative writing.  Older muzzle-loading cannons were loaded by putting in powder, then a wadding, normally cotton, rags, wool or even straw, to compact the powder and seal it, then a cannon ball or some sort.  When you had exhausted all your cannon balls, you were left with nothing but “shooting the wad”.  Thus, the meaning, “to have done all you could and have nothing left”.  Shooting just the wad, is ineffective at producing enemy casualties.


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One Response to October Surprises

  1. Sarthurk says:

    You didn’t need to make the distinction of what “wad” means. I liked it better the way I was thinking.


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