Govt Waste dejure


Seriously.  The US Government is sending our hard earned money to Africa to train rats to detect contraband animal products.  The USA is not the source of these products.  We are not the demand for these products. We are not in any way harmed or helped by these products.  Why in F&^%’S sake are we paying to do anything about it?  This is NOT our problem. I don’t care if every last African species is hunted to extinction to help Chinese men sustain erections for 10% longer.  I really don’t care. It’s not worth a single tax dollar of mine to do anything about it.  I much prefer a system where wealthy Americans signaled their virtue by sending their own money to “save the Whales” or whatever self-serving causes they had instead of robbing me to do things that had zero value to me.  But evidently, left wing virtue signaling causes are being hard hit this year since all the left wing do-gooders are sending their spare change to the Clinton campaign instead of their other “save animals” programs.

If Africans had any sense at all, they would domesticate White Rhinos and Elephants and raise them on feed lots for their horns and tusks.  But in Africa, “free shit that is valuable” is too attractive a lure to just ignore.


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3 Responses to Govt Waste dejure

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    This is the problem with government and redistribution:: People are always generous and careless with other people’s money.

    Earn your own, spend your own.


  2. Mark Slater says:

    “But in Africa, ‘free shit that is valuable’ is too attractive a lure to just ignore.
    The slash-and-burn mindset is evidently still strong in th Dark Continent. Cultivation, mining, and even digging wells is slow in coming.


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