Visitations of the political sort

In the past month, I have had two political organizers (or whatever the heck they call them now) come to my door and ask to talk to me about their favored candidate.  Both Hillary supporters.  And both stereo typically Hillary.

The first was an old fat white woman with gray hair, cropped short.  The sort with a permanent scowl on her face.  She might be a lesbian, but even lesbians have standards so it clearly wouldn’t matter.

The second one was a pasty-faced white “male” in his late teens.  Overweight.  The type that is never going to get laid, no matter how much game he fakes.  The type that can’t play D&D because the other nerds will make fun of him for being such a pussy.  He supports Hillary because she will make life fair.  I asked him his full name and why he was in my face.  He declined and only gave his first name, “Aiden”.  Then he said he could be at my front door because of the first amendment.  When I informed him that the first amendment had nothing to do with trespassing (a misdemeanor crime)  his tone changed and he retreated.  Another stereotype, Hillary supporters don’t mind breaking a few laws, for the greater good.

I will be glad when this is all over.  I likely wouldn’t have been any more receptive to a Trump supporter.  I don’t like people knocking on my door if they aren’t there to tell me my house is on fire, or they are my neighbor and their house is on fire.  Hillary has been in public life for thirty years.  There is nothing about her that a recent HS graduate could tell me that I don’t already know and I have a very low threshold for propaganda.


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