I miss America

Elections used to be a fun part of our lives.  Every two years we could blithely ignore our political process, secure in the knowledge that no matter who one, there would be a peaceful transition of power and things would pretty much go on as they had before.  We had the luxury of ignoring our political rulers. But Obama changed all that.  We used to be able to have political discourse where two sides could dissent, disagree, and still be next door neighbors.  We used to be able to discuss political matters in the office (around the water cooler when we weren’t sexually harassing our co-workers).  But no more.  The modern political landscape, created by the Democratic party has turned into a place of violence, intimidation, deceit, and massive corruption.  And they don’t even have any good reasons for doing it, other than amassing more wealth, when individually, they already have plenty.

I personally do not dare enter into any political discussion at work because if I am on the wrong side (and invariably I am) I will be reprimanded or fired.  Just being a White, heterosexual male makes me a political pariah.  If I dare to express any opinions on any subject that only 8 years ago was considered “normal” I could be punished.  So, I say nothing.  As I look around at the other white males, I see that same look in their eyes, or I see those who drank the Kool-Aide and like that wholesome grape flavor.

On top of it all, the presence of the others has made me angry.  I am angry at what they have done to our country and what they intend to further do.  I don’t want our country to be looted on behalf of a handful of oligarchs who will then spread the wealth to a few of their friends in the hoods, barrios, and ghettos.  I an righteously angry that every great American institution, has been infiltrated, undermined and twisted so that they now no longer perform anything close to their intended purpose.

But I cannot talk about who I will vote for outside of a few people who know me.  Such discussions will either make the other person violently angry, or it will make me violently angry.  Neither option is a good one for this once great nation.

I will be glad when this election is over.  If Hillary loses, I predict endless recounts and lawyer shenanigans.  I predict violence in the street by paid activists, intending to intimidate state governments to come up with the right recount numbers.  I Hillary wins, I predict a wave of anger that will go underground to hide from those in power.  It will simmer for a while just waiting for the one thing that is a usurpation too far.  No telling what will be the spark.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if President Hillary intentionally started a war to take people’s minds of domestic issues of her presidency that starts to fail on inauguration day.  Only then will she discover that the left was always wrong.  Republicans never started wars for crass domestic political reasons. That was just Democratic party wishful thinking.  It never works.  Only CNN started wars to boost their ratings.  So when Hillary starts it , she will act all surprised that it isn’t working.  That might be the spark.  Violent state over-reaction to anti-war protests, when Hillary was expecting America to all pull together against a common enemy.

This country has changed, seemingly overnight, into a place I don’t recognize.  I remember when Yugoslavia broke apart and friendly neighbors went to war and committed unspeakable atrocities against each other.  I see America turning into that place.  I wonder, “what sort of people would intentionally do that to their own country”?  the American civil rights wars ended decades ago with greater civil rights for our population than in most of recorded history.  yet we have a large majority willing to burn it all down because of imaginary atrocities against their gender pronouns, bathroom assignments, and their own inability to understand the statistical probability of black men to be killed by White cops.  And those are just the surface issues.  the deeper issue is as it always was:  Vote for me and I will give you free shit.




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13 Responses to I miss America

  1. Ame says:

    ‘like’ because it is well written, and true. but oh so sad. i am increasingly sad for my children and will not be at all disappointed if they do not have children of their own.


  2. Cecil Henry says:

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    The government is importing a new people because the old won;t accede to their wishes. Its that basic.

    Leftism has so brainwashed people that they view the upcoming crash of Western governments as the collapse of Western civilization. While the two are related, they are not the same.

    It seems scary to think about government failing. Upon analysis however, Kinder And Gentler Big Brother is the source of our belief that without government we cannot live. We need some form of local order and protection for the good, but otherwise, the rest can be handled
    by private industry, and will be.

    The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.


  3. Heresolong says:

    I don’t have a Trump sticker on my car or a Trump sign in my yard because I don’t want my house or car vandalized. I’m not even much of a Trump supporter, rather a Hillary opposed, but it’s hard to find a Trump sign even in this relatively small town that isn’t vandalized by someone.


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