Advice to Undecided Voters

  1.  WTF are you waiting for?
  2. There have never been two more opposite candidates in a race to chose from.
  3. I suspect the reason you are undecided is that it makes you feel good about yourself as if you are not just another party loyalist.  I also suspect that self-delusion runs in your family.  An alternative reason is that you are ashamed of saying out loud who your choice is, so instead of growing a spine, you proclaim your independence, open-mindedness and “undecidedness”.  Bravo.  You found a way to turn your weakness into a virtue.
  4. Since there is no plausible reason to actually be honestly undecided at this point, I suspect you simply are not smart enough for this whole participation in politics thing.  So, I hope you will consider my advice:  You should not vote.  I know the conventional wisdom (by morons like you) is that everyone should vote, just like everyone should go to college, and everyone should agree on common sense gun control.  But the truth is, you simply don’t care who rules over you.  You will be perfectly happy living in your mom’s basement no matter who is in charge of the government and what direction the country goes.  Either way, you will see everything that happens to you as a random event caused by good or bad luck and Karma and not as a result of voting (or lack of voting) for competent government.  You will never connect the dots that your standard of living is worse than your grandparents because your politicians have deliberately stolen your future from you to please your grandparents… who VOTED for them.
  5. Your time is better spent on another game (or three) on your X-box.  Or going to McDonald’s for ice cream.  Or volunteering to collect trash off the highways.  Golly.  there sure is a whole lot of trash on the highways.  I don’t remember there being this much when you were a child (5 years ago).  I’m sure it has nothing to do with all those people who voted for Obama in the last two elections and how he used his electoral victory to flood the USA with unwashed masses from the third world.  Important hint:  In the third world, people throw their trash from their moving vehicles onto the highway.  It’s their culture, so don’t judge.  Just go pick up after them.
  6. Maybe your time will be better spent putting in some overtime at work.  Since your voting choice doesn’t matter that much to you, you likely haven’t noticed that your overtime will be taxed at a higher rate and not much of it will end up in your pocket.  Take heart in the fact that all that money you give away to the government, won’t just go to feed hungry orphans, or buy new aircraft carriers.  It will also go into the pockets of thousands of wealthy bankers, business men and activists whose only value to society is having a personal connection to the people in power.  Sure, it’s a totally corrupt system, but your undecided nature tells me you don’t care about that.  To you selecting the most corrupt American politician EVER, is exactly the same as voting for a political outsider.
  7. Maybe your time will be better spent visiting someone in Hospice care.  They are in hospice care because under the Obamacare law, they can no longer afford insurance, so the treatment they wanted is unavailable to them.  Sucks to be them.  But laws about heath insurance are just random events and not in any way related to your voting behavior.  So, don’t worry about it.  There is no connection between how you vote and what happens afterwards.  You can totally afford your smug indifferent superiority.
  8. Or maybe you can binge watch 24 hours of Syrian war on Youtube.  You can’t watch it on CNN because the network that made it’s name covering Desert Storm is, unlike you, not undecided about covering Syria, Iraq, or Libya.   You can be totally undecided about who might have caused all that war going on and undecided about the possible consequences in letting that person be the President.  Then you can binge watch Americans in a big war we have no interest in fighting just to satisfy the ego gratification of one aged harpy… and the Saudis and Emirates who gave her a few hundred million dollars.

Yes.  That policy of total indifference has served you well.  Keep it up.  Moron.


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