Shit’s about to happen. Or not.

I found this clip over at my good friends at “It Aint Holy Water“.  Every once in a while, he posts something weird and conspiratorial like this.  I watched the first half of it and posted a long explanation to his site, which never made it past his rigorous editorial review process.  So, I am reposting it here. I wish I had the video editing skills to break this up into smaller pieces and explain each piece individually.

To do a credible job, I did actually go back and painfully watch the whole thing.  Personally though, I would want someone to put their most important bits up front.  This video starts off with MRAPS on a train siding.

  1.  The first clip is a guy on a motorcycle, in Galveston TX.  He “discover” a train load of military vehicles “hiding” behind other train cars.  Those are RG-31 style MRAPS.  They are returning from Iraq or Afghanistan and going somewhere else.  Likely long term storage.  The Army doesn’t want them any more and every police department that wants a free one already has one.  They aren’t “hiding”.  They are at a rail yard, in the open, with other rail cars around them.  Not even a fence around them.  real hiding looks like trains moving in the dark and parking on sidings during the day with armed guards around them.  Maybe even covering them up with tarps so you can’t tell what they are.
  2. More military vehicles on a train.  BTW, this is how the US military moves a lot of its vehicles around the USA.  We do this A LOT, every day, since the invention of the rail road.  We have a major training area in California (NTC).  A brigade of troops goes there ten times a year, round trip, every year. That’s about a thousand vehicles, each time.   The vehicles being shown are the new JLTV.  The Army bought 17,000 of them 2 years ago.  The ones on that train are likely just being delivered to a military post near you.  Image result for jltv
  3. The next clip is 2 helos flying over a harbor area.  Nothing unusual about that.  Nor does the video show them doing anything unusual.  The US Army, has thousands of helicopters.  They all need to fly so that their pilots can get practice flying them.  They also go to hundreds of airshows around the country every year.  They support firefighting efforts in the West. They do search and rescue for lost hikers.  They assist evacuation of crews from ships at sea.  They even gets used by state governors as taxicabs.  So, this is totally normal.
  4. There is a check point in the rain. But he doesn’t say where.  So we are left to guess.  But this isn’t being operated as a checkpoint.  No guns are present.  No searches are going on.  No one is being questioned.  It’s a safety roadblock.  The most likely thing going on is an overturned vehicle ahead or a washed out road.  While that would normally be done by state police, we don’t know where this is happening.  In short, there is nothing nefarious going on in the video that needs explaining.
  5. Washington state, military convoy heading to Seattle.  Actually, I can tell by looking at them.  They are Stryker vehicles heading to Fort Lewis, where they are stationed.  They are returning from their training area in Yakima.  The tree huggers won’t let them train at Ft Lewis.  Those vehicles can be seen using that highway every week.  This is routine.  Not every military unit is conveniently located near a training area.  Most of them (especially national guards) need to convoy to their training areas.  If it is farther away, they need to rail load their heavy equipment.  This is normal.  These guys act like they have never seen a military convoy before.
  6. More vehicles at a rail head in Galveston.  “there must be hundreds of them”.  I should hope so.  Galveston is a major port serving Fort Hood, Fort Sill, and Fort Bliss.  A single Ro/Ro ship for military transport can carry about a thousand vehicles.  They guy making this video is simply ignorant of the scale of normal military operations (“normal” includes the rotation of 77 combat brigades plus all their support into and out of Iraq and Afghanistan every year for the past 13 years).
  7. Video of an AH-64 hovering over an apartment complex.  Not shooting anyone.  just hovering.  This reminds me of when I was a cadet.  I used to fly on a lot of UH-1’s (as cargo).  They pilots used to hover a lot over beaches and rooftops where there were attractive female sunbathers.  I cannot account for this.  I think it has something to do with how heat affects aerodynamics in the transition from hovering to stable forward flight.
  8. At the 8:40 mark, there are no more videos.  Just some narrator reading his ADHD script listing all the end of the world things that are going to happen real soon, even though he hasn’t shown any evidence of that.

So.  What we have here is a nothing video showing some unrelated military movements and implying that “S is about to HTF”.   Folks, this isn’t even good conspiratorial video.  I would rate this as 3 on the FEMA death camp scale.

There are millions of hours of video of military stuff on the internet.  Any one of them could have been grabbed to make a better edited and more coherent “conspiracy”.  The creator of this is just not even trying.

For example:

Image result for Military parade at West point

OMG!  PROOF POSITIVE that the US military is training college kids to KILL!!  Here we see young college aged kids wearing new urban camouflage and carrying “sniper” rifles.  After years of indoctrination and preparation, these military automatons will be released into the civilian community where they will be ticking time bombs, just waiting to be activated.

See how easy that is?

And for the record, I do like the “it Aint Holy Water’s web site.  He has lots of fun and entertaining stuff there.  It’s just that sometimes he colors outside the lines.  And I personally think that is part of the fun of the internet too.


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