Bill’s Bastard??

Not likely.  This story has been all over the right-wing internet.  It is very depressing for me to see otherwise reasonable people falling for what is obviously unsupportable character assassination.  And I don’t like being the guy who has to defend the Clintons on this matter.

  1.  Bill Clinton is reported to be sterile and there was plenty of other character assassination rumors that he isn’t even Chelsea’s father.  I find this first part quite believable.  That would open the door for all his infidelities without having to worry about the shadow of bastardy following him around.
  2. She claims he paid her $200 for sex back in Arkansas when he was governor.  Bill is widely known for his sexual appetites and it is very unlikely he would overpay a black crack whore $200 when the street value of her services was closer to $40.
  3. Most likely, his M.O. would be to send out the State Police to grab her and then have her for free.
  4. Bill likes White girls.  Seriously.  Just being a huge sexhound does not mean you will lower your standards and have sex with ANYTHING.
  5. Who are you going to believe?  A crack whore, or the Clintons?  Tough call.
  6. While modern DNA testing could clear this up really fast, I personally don’t think that any celebrity should be automatically subject to the whims of courts and crazy crack whores who want to claim celebrity for themselves, by association.  I think she needs to have SOME sort of supporting evidence.  Birth certificate.  Credible eye witnesses.  Blue dress.  Something. All this woman has to support her story is that her son (if it IS her son) is lighter skinned, like Bill, and her “mother’s intuition”.

I call shame on all the internet people who have pressed this story.  It is a stupid story with no supporting evidence.  It drags down the credibility of everyone when they run what is obviously an incredible account by a non-credible source.

Meanwhile…  The Clintons really are involved in very open public corruption on a scale that has never been seen before in human history.  They are above the law  and their list of crimes is quite long.



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