What we learned from GITMO

Some people are too dangerous to ever let walk free again. EVER.  Yet we will intentionally expose innocent people to that danger day after day.  Those people are the guards who must maintain the prison and the prisoners.  Meanwhile, politicians dither about what to do with them because campaign promises are more important in an election year than rational choices that protect American citizens.

The right solution was that we could have avoided this quagmire entirely.  As enemy combatants were captured, they should have been examined by a military tribunal to determine their level of risk.  Then the ones deemed “too dangerous” should have been executed, immediately.

The death penalty works, every time it’s tried.  It is not about retribution, justice, or deterrence.  It is about making sure one asshole never has the chance to be an asshole again because he already proved you can never trust him.

I understand that most of you don’t want your government to have this level of power.  But the fact is that you are ignoring the cost of your choice to virtue signal your superior morality.  The assholes that you allow to live, even in captivity, keep being assholes.  They continue to present a risk to the people around them, which includes guards, other assholes, appointed support staff and visitors.  Plus, if they have contact with the outside world, they can continue to manage their assholery outside of captivity.  Finally, as long as they live, there is the possibility that some judge or politician, will want to signal his/her/Xer even higher virtue than yours by releasing the asshole from captivity.  No one will care about the future victims that this virtue signaling will cost.  Killing them saves future innocent life.  This is a simple matter of risk assessment.  who will suffer the cost of your virtue so you can have the luxury of feeling good about yourself?

If dangerous people in GITMO had been executed within a year of being brought there,  there would be a zero recidivism rate.  None of them would have returned to Jihad.  No politicians would be looking for other countries to take them and having to offer billions of dollars in what amounts to bribery.    No politicians would have had to quietly look for American cities to take them.  No president would have had to worry about closing GITMO or leaving it open.  It would be moot because it would have been empty years ago.  The people in GITMO are the ones who are left who NEED to be pushed out of an airplane over the Atlantic ocean.  If we weren’t so squeamish and let liberal lawyers make our rules for us, this would have become an non-issue before Obama ever got elected.

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1 Response to What we learned from GITMO

  1. Og says:

    Once upon a time, this would have just been done, and nobody would have known about it.


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