Trucker shortage

This feature tells us that there is a shortage of truck drivers in America.

Seriously?  How does any country with a 12%++ unemployment rate have a shortage of truck drivers, which is essentially “unskilled labor”?  It literally takes only a few hours to learn to handle a truck.  In a few days, you can be an expert.  It is one of the few jobs in America that hasn’t even tried to turn itself into something that needs a 4 year college degree to do.

The proposed solution:  Robot trucks.  Seriously?  And expensive, automated solution instead of using cheap plentiful labor?

Part of the problem is a shortage of applicants with a clean driving record.   Their proposed solution to that?  Allow more children (17-21 y0) to drive trucks.  Ya, that’ll fix things.  While you are at it, why not put some of those 90 year old retirees back to work on the road?  Or a special recruitment drive to get Asian women to apply?  I mean, if we are going to recruit the most accident prone, ADHD groups to drive trucks, let’s get them all.



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3 Responses to Trucker shortage

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is some what more difficult to drive a big truck than you realize. Split transmission, 13 or more gears, seventy feet long with a max weight of 80,000 pounds. Any blemish on your driving record you are not qualified. I’ll give you a couple of hours to learn how then we will strike out for the North West. We need to be there in 36 hours from the Southeast. You can back in the door when we get there.


  2. Og says:

    Trucking is the male equivalent of waitressing. If you haven’t got any other skills, you can drive. I know a few, am related to a few. There are good and bad ones, like anything. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s hard to find people who will do it.


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