Debate Wrap up

The first debate between Hillary and Trump is now in the can. My observations:

  1.  I didn’t watch it.  I watched a Southpark re-run instead.  It was the World of Warcraft episode.  SOOO Funny, and actually had more to do with my real life than anything I was likely to see in the “debate”.
  2. The Fox news commentary this morning shows a few clips of the two.  As I predicted a few days ago, the camera angles were adjusted to conceal Hillary’s saddle bags and not make her look shorter than Trump.  In the side-by-side clip I saw, she looked taller than Trump.  Pure media manipulation.  Some might say it was to reduce Trump’s unfair visual advantage since he towers over her.  But that height advantage is a REAL thing.  Any attempt to cover it over for “fairness” is in fact manipulation to shift the bias.
  3. The media today is droning on and on about their “analysis”.  There isn’t any “analysis”.  All there is is opinion and no one’s opinion matters any more than anyone else.  Analysis uses tools like measures of effectiveness and objective scoring.  There was none of that in this debate.  Any talk of winners and losers is pure fantasy and wishful thinking.  There can’t be winners or losers because there was no score keeping structure in place.  If anything, the only score that would matter would be a tally of all the people who changed their vote on account of something they saw in the “debate”.
  4. I predicted Hillary would find a way to skate out of the debate, likely by blaming Trump for something.  I was wrong.  Unless we discover later that her double actually did the debate, I would have to concede that she did go through with it.
  5. Her health.  How low have we collectively set the bar for her when her making it though a 90 minute event is a reason for celebration instead of just “expected”.
  6. Overheard in the hallway at the Pentagon this morning,  “That guy is such a buffoon.  He really made a clown of himself.  I can’t believe they let him get on the same stage as her.”   Just goes to show.  Everyone sees their team captain through their own filter.  Yes, these were black people.  Only liberal black people and women are allowed to openly express political opinions today in the Pentagon.

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