Russians going to the Moon… Some day

This article tells us of the ambitious Russian Space program attempting to do something so out there, so audacious, so resource intensive, and so unthinkably advanced, that the USA hasn’t even attempted it since we got bored with it half a century ago.  But, good luck to you guys.  This brings to mind a few points to ponder.

  1.  Whenever I hear Americans taking pride in “landing on the moon”, I think of it as a criticism, not a commendation, since invariably, the person saying it took no part in that achievement and wouldn’t know the first thing about how to go about doing it themselves.  This really is a monumental achievement that was accomplished by giants who were capable of intellectual superhuman feats.
  2. Every time I hear some moron say “we could put a man on the moon but we still can’t ____”, I fell like taking a hostage, making the hostage fall in love with a puppy, getting the hostage to choose between killing the puppy or killing the the moron.  I know, it’s a bit elaborate but we all need to have a hobby.  The fact is that lots of things are hard and some things simply are not possible.  Putting people on the moon was an engineering challenge.  Getting half of the American voting population to stop looking at the US government as their personal piggy bank, is a moral challenge.  The two are not comparable.  No level of will power of national funding will solve every problem.
  3. I find it interesting that if the moon landing was simply a huge hoax, that the Russians and Chinese didn’t get in on the hoax.  For that matter, why the NORKs didn’t take credit for their own moon landings and colonies on Venus.  And now that the Cold War is over and the old Soviet Archives have been opened, where are the stories about how the Politburo decided to let the American “win” the fictional race to the moon?  Where is the “now it can be told” story about how it didn’t really happen?   If the cosmic rays really kill all life attempting to leave orbit, why wouldn’t the Russians know this and say it publicly?

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3 Responses to Russians going to the Moon… Some day

  1. A.B. Prosper says:

    The Chinese might make it to the moon someday simply because there are many of them and the tech needed is well understood but truth to tell the entire Apollo thing was a vanity project that only an industrial civilization with a high demand for well paid labor could do.

    Smarts and drive matter but the extremely peculiar conditions of the time allowed it. Even if we could fix the ethnic and cultural Marxist drag on the economy, the limits of resources and the very computers we use mean we’ll likely never develop the technology for serious manned space

    The reason is economic, simply, people were as percentage GDP 2x richer than they are now and as technology gets better, inefficiency in the form of wages gets cut out. The arch example is Craigslist, it created 35 good jobs and probably cost 35,000 across many fields.

    This kind of thing pushes bigger government.

    We are also running into resource limits though I suspect if we are smart we can overcome these things. They are a problem yes but not an insurmountable one

    To describe it, game theory requires that everyone automate of lose. Everyone who automates is basically voting straight line Democrat or Green since the action reaction calculus grows the state. The net result current is oligarchy, long term probably collapse

    Amusingly if the Democrats were closer to the older Dixiecrats , pro White and pro Gun and just went along with wealth redistribution to the cities , the Republican party would long ago have been a rump party and the US would look like Europe politically

    Thus only the Democrats relentless Non White or Anti White anti gun urban focus keeps the Republicans alive or well undead as it were.


    • No One says:

      AB. Too many threads to pull in one comment. But to go back to the original point of the post, there is nothing special about the Apollo program. It’s not anything that the current Chinese couldn’t do. They have enough wealth, intelligence, recources, and computing power to accomplish it in under 2 years if they can simply follow instructions and read some of the books about how we did it. The command module would have enough room in it for a mini bar with the change from solid state to micro-chip tech. The average wage is irrelevant. The relevant measure is the total bill and if the country in question is willing and able to spend that much. There are probably 20 countries that have the technology, skilled manpower and wealth. None of them have the willpower because they all see that there is no payoff.

      As for Chinese population, there are much simpler ways to rid yourself of surplus population than shipping them, at astronomical expense, to the moon. For example… marching them in circles until they die. Marching them into the ocean and telling them to “swim for it”. or even marching them into a blast furnace.


  2. A.B. Prosper says:

    Its not about population control No One. Its about prestige. The prestige just isn’t there, As I said, its a vanity project

    There is a caveat, if the EM drive pans out which I suspect it will not it might be possible to reignite space in the private sector cheaply in the nearish future if civilization survives , big if.

    In any case the peculiar traits aren’t there, The oddest thing re: Apollo and the others really was the competitive USSR vs. USA aspect. These days big states are fairly inept at this sort of thing but the almost apocalyptic need to prove better allowed the thing to happen.

    These days not only does the talent go elsewhere the modern state of things in enervating in ways that apparently 1968 wasn’t

    I don’t think it was youth either. No Boomers were on those spacecraft

    Ah well I’ve rambled enough. Keep up the good work.


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