The market provides what the consumers don’t know they need yet.

I saw this at the local Walmart.

It’s a flashlight.  It is intentionally longer and heavier than a flashlight needs to be with a nice handle on one end.  It obviously has a secondary purpose as a club.  Someone at Ozark Trails is thinking outside the box.

One might even say it has a primary purpose of self defense with a flashlight attached.  This is particularly helpful in a lot of parks where carrying guns is frowned upon.  Also very helpful for evening strolls in American cities with draconian gun control laws.  “Honest, officer. It’s a flashlight, not a weapon.”

I think I recall that the old mag light 4xD-cell flashlights were popular for the same reason.  Then someone said it was racist to have them since “no one NEEDS a flashlight that big”.


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8 Responses to The market provides what the consumers don’t know they need yet.

  1. GomeznSA says:

    Old idea, I still have (buried somewhere) a Batonlite – it used 5 C cells and a spacer, was about 22″ long. Back in the olden days it was a good idea that was not really practical due to weight (poor balance), short battery life (due to the spacer) and poor incandescent type bulbs. This was long before LEDs or even halogen flash light bulbs. Yes, you could eliminate the spacer and put TEN batteries in but the bulbs tended to flame out and that made it really heavy..
    I’ll have to check my local wally world and see if the new and improved version delivers what couldn’t be done some 35 years ago…………..


  2. Mike says:

    Interesting idea, but it looks like it’s pretty short. I’d be interested in one in the 16″ to 18″ range.


  3. Heresolong says:

    Been there, done that. We all carried 4-D Maglites on our bikes. Much brighter than most flashlights available and if you turned it around and held it by the flashlight end it made a great and heavy club. I even saw bikers with the clip on holders attached to the side cover of their Harley (drill two holes and screw) to allow the flashlight to be ready to hand. Perfectly legal and a great defensive tool.


  4. doomdigit says:

    It looks like the “tire thumper” flashlights. I bought a few of them, and they all suck as flashlights. The light has two different settings: normal and disco. As I said, the light sucks and always switches to disco when I need normal light.


  5. Old NFO says:

    Yep, D cell Maglite with the cap full of lead… Nope, don’t know ‘anybody’ that ever did that…


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