Catching up on the News

I typed parts of this previously, then my dog ate it.  So, I’m trying again.

  1.  Hillary’s Health:  I don’t care.  If her decades of corruption and selling out American national security for a buck isn’t enough to disqualify her, her medical records aren’t going to add any weight to the choice.
  2. The Hillary 2016 campaigns strategy of splitting the Republican vote is working out fabulously. I hear lots of character assassination repeated often in this campaign, but the most often repeated one is:  There is no difference between them, or “I hate them both”.  JEEZE, people!  Are you really not paying attention?  One is a Billionaire who made most of his money by hard work.  The other has been sucking off the government tit since her husband got elected to AG in Arkansas.  One is best known for his bad haircut. The other is best known for her lying corruption that stretches back to her first paying job back in the Nixon administration.  The Trumps are never going to invite me over for Pizza.  I have no reason to be their cheer leader.  But SERIOUSLY!  There is NO comparison between those two.
  3. The Libertarian party candidate displayed his ideological purity to his cause by publicly proclaiming that stupid Christian should bake cakes for whoever the government tells them to.  (sigh).  But that’s OK, since the LP candidate was never a serious candidate anyway.  In past elections, the LP and independent candidates are paid for by Democratic fundraisers specifically to split off a few percent here and there in otherwise tightly decided races.  Works every time.  Stupid Republicans.   I just heard a Gary Johnson commercial this weekend.  It was,  “Both parties are bad, I’m not one of them so vote for me”.   He has no idea that he just convinced a few hundred fence sitters to vote for Trump every time that commercial airs.  Who is the Real “outsider”?  A man who has never run for political office or served in any politically appointed position, or served on anyone’s campaign to get elected?  Or the sitting Governor of a state?
  4. Ideological purists in the Republican party are lining up to vote for Hillary.  Some are doing it because “Trump isn’t a real conservative”.  WTF??  And Hillary is?  The other excuse I hear is, “Trump is a megalomaniac”.  PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!  If you think you need to run for President to save the planet from DOOM, you are by definition a megalomaniac.  This applies to every candidate since Wilson.  EVERY DAMNED ONE.  Trump is a Bigot!  OK, he gets my vote just for that.  I have been called a bigot so many times I now consider it a screening criteria for quickly judging if other people are using both sides of their brain.  Just like tracers point both ways, calling anyone a bigot identifies you as simple-minded and not worth talking to.  It reminds me of when Jesus was telling the parable of pouring new wine into old skins and the entrenched Republican party governor from the Midwest asked Jesus, “what kind of wine should we put into a plastic bag with holes in the bottom?”  Yep.  THAT guy.
  5. I don’t care if you stand, sit, or take a knee for the national anthem.  It is our custom to stand.  It isn’t the law.  When our nation doesn’t bother to enforce our LAWS, the customs no longer matter.  Do as you like.  It’s called “freedom”. Give it a try.  You will probably find you like it.  Stop trying to tell other people what they should be doing.  (yes, I see the irony in me telling you to do that).  And the news media, including the click-bait “conservative” new-media, STFU about it.  If you stopped telling us this was happening, we wouldn’t even know about it.  I don’t care either way.
  6. Now that the ear bud is a universal standard and competition for it has driven the price so cheap that Delta Airlines gives them away for free along with the pre-moistened towelettes, APPLE has decided that it is doing away with the earbud port on the next generation of iPhones.  You will instead need to buy a special Apple proprietary earbud that plugs into the charging port.  No telling yet how much it will cost, but I am guessing the entry level one will retail for $40.   It will be no better than the ones that are available everywhere for $3.  Bose, of course, will come up with their noise canceling versions for you high flyers for about $200. And no, you can’t just buy a $10 adapter so you can still use the other ones you had.    They haven’t said it yet, but I am guessing they will introduce a newer, better, faster, more expensive version of Blue Tooth too, so all those wireless devices will need replacements.  Thank you Apple for reminding me that I hate you.  It has been several weeks since I thought that.
  7. News has it that there is a sequel to the movie “Avatar” going in a few years (never).  I am pessimistic about its chances.  It is the same old “Ferngully/Pocohantas/Atlantas” script that Hollywood shoves down our throats every couple of years.  There can be no sequel.  They always try and they always fail.  They always come off as a cheap marketing ploy to cash in some more off the success of the previous one.  As empty as the F/P/A script is, the sequels don’t even try.
  8. How is George Soros even still alive?  Some sort of Nazi immortality experiment?  There can’t be that may virgins in Hungary for him to be drinking their blood.

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One Response to Catching up on the News

  1. Heresolong says:

    Why do you use the word “pessimistic” about an Avatar sequel? That makes it sound like you wanted a sequel. It was one of the worst movies (other than cinematography) to come out in years. Predicable plot, mediocre acting,and predictable progressive bullshit.


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