Trump Throwing the Game Early

Hillary Sucks.  She is a corrupt, arrogant, self-serving, petty aristocrat with delusions of royalty.  In any sane world, she would have no chance of getting anywhere near the White House.  Seriously.  She isn’t some huge mystery that America doesn’t know who she is.  America knows very well who she is and hates her guts, just like she hates us.

As I predicted years ago, immigration is the Killer issue for national politics.  Any candidate who promises to shut off immigration to the USA would win in a landslide.  Trump did that.

Now he is backing off.  He had the election sewn up without even raising huge money, opening campaign offices in every state, hiring expensive professional staff, or running millions of dollars worth of political attack ads.  And he is giving it all away.

The only reason to vote for him was his promise to stop immigration.  Now all there is is “he isn’t Hillary”.

Meanwhile, Hillary is running on the , “She isn’t Trump” platform.  JESUS! This country is so stupid sometimes it makes we want to take a hostage.

Hillary can’t win against any credible candidate.  She can only win if the candidate self-destructs and hands her the election at the last possible, unsalvagable minute.   That is how she “won” her Senate seat in a safe Democratic district, after all possible democratic challengers were told to go away and not run, the only election she ever “won”.

But, Trump is Trump.  So it’s possible he will change his mind again and in front of the right audience get swept away by his own awesomeness and do hard for deporting everyone, not just immigrants, EVERYONE!  Then his handlers will walk him back into something more like, “I meant Everyone who doesn’t belong here”.

Otherwise, the election will be decided by the margin of fraud.  Again.  Like every presidential election since Bush 42.


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