Some “Rights” more equal than others

Terry McAuliffe, long time Clinton crony and Virginia Governor is pulling out all the stops and wearing out his robo-pen restoring the voting rights of convicted felons in time for the next election.

  1.  It won’t really matter.  Convicted felons in Virginia are mostly democrats and can be expected to vote for the corrupt old white women, which is what McAuliffe is counting on.  But it is the black ones that are reliably 95% Pro-Clinton.  Those black ones are also 95% male, which, sadly for Ms Clinton, are the least reliable demographic for actually getting off their asses on election day and going to stand in line to vote.  It is the black WOMEN who carry the black demographic to the voting place in reliable ways for Democrats.  The white male felons?  If they can find the time to go vote, will vote with the rest of the White male demographic, in favor of Trump.  So, overall, it’s a wash.
  2. McAuliffe claims this is a civil rights issue so he has to do it.  Strange that he is going all in to restore a civil “right” that is meaningless to most people, is NOT constitutionally supported, and has almost zero personal value to the people getting it.  Yet he is absolutely against restoring the right of self defense to those same people.  A right that is God given, constitutionally protected, and of immense personal value to each and every person.  As McAuliffe puts it, 



He said today that he was restoring the rights of 13,000 felons after reviewing their cases individually and that he will continue to seek ways to do so for more felons, calling it “an issue of basic justice.”

“I personally believe in the power of second chances,” McAuliffe said.

But NOT an issue of basic justice to let a man defend himself from his uber-violent neighbors.  I get it.  Rights that matter, you may not have.  Rights that are exercised in groups of tens of thousands where your personal choices don’t really matter and that support entrenched lifetime professional politicians are what is important.

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