What’s the deal with George Soros?

He has a Gazillion dollars.  He is days away from dying of old age causes.  Instead of spending his gazillions on making the world a better place, locking in a financial empire for his heirs, enjoying his ill-gotten gains with a higher quality of hookers and coke, or curing cancer, he is giving his money away to every possible left wing advocacy group on the planet.  Even those empty headed muggles at Black Lives Matter got a sweet bankroll from him that ensures they will all be very rich (there is no way a leftist activist is going to handle that much money without a huge part of it sticking to the insides of their own pockets).

I understand he might get some thrills from “watching it burn”, but he isn’t even going about that the right way.  He could buy a nuke for Hamas or for Nation of Islam or for New Black Panthers.  THAT would be entertainment.

The guy is going to die soon.  REAL SOON.  Not Fidel Castro kind of soon.  He is an atheist so there is no way he is looking forward to his eternal reward anywhere.  You would think he would spend some on creating an eternal monument to himself somewhere or researching into immortality treatments.   But no.  He is spending money on the fringes to bring down America.  A futile endeavor.  As much as he weakens America, America is still strong and not going anywhere for a long time to come.  Certainly longer than anyone will remember who George Soros was.

Wild speculation:   When Soros dies, his will will be opened.  It will establish a huge global foundation for the creation of one world government.  It will name Glen Beck as executor and CEO.



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2 Responses to What’s the deal with George Soros?

  1. guy says:

    Bill Cosby was explaining that the grandparents his children love are not the same people who raised him: “You are looking at an old person, who’s trying to get into Heaven now.”

    Soros is hedging his bets and padding his resume just in case there is a hell. He wants a cushy bungalow next to Satan’s pad.


    • No One says:

      If that were teh case, he would be giving money to churches, children’s hospitals, and homeless charities, not to Leftist political activists whose primary goals have always been corruption, theft, and oppression of the weak.


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