Medical bills.

More on the knee surgery.

The bills kept rolling in.  The price tag is now over $33K for a simple arthroscopy.   This is, according to the internet, over 5 times the normal charge for that procedure.  The surgical center and the doctor each billed me separately, similar amounts.  The doctor’s bill showed three procedures with different codes, each $5,000.

I was going to demand an explanation for this nonsense and absurd level of overcharging.  But then I remembered that no one is ever going to pay that amount and no one is going to expect to be paid that amount.  They were fantasy bills.

My insurance company will pay about $2,500.  I will pay about $800.  The rest will be written down and no one will pay it.  So, the health care system bills for 5 times the going rate and gets half the going rate.  So, I have nothing to complain about.

I do wonder what the point is for surgical centers to bother producing bills like this.  Rationally, they should just bill the agreed upon amount instead of billing a fantasy amount and writing down to the agreed amount.  It’s not as if they don’t know what the agreed amount is.  It’s not as if they couldn’t keep track of it using the computing power of a smart phone.


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