Where in the World…

  1.  Are all those Democrats who said Reagan was too old to be President?  On his inauguration day, he was younger than Hillary is already.
  2. Are all those Democrats would are against the war in Iraq? Against the war in Afghanistan? Against war in principle?  Hillary was the US Secretary of State overseeing the USA prosecution of Iraq and Afghanistan and ADDING wars in Libya and Syria without Congressional debate or consent.
  3. Are all those Democrats who protested against corporate welfare and greed?  Hillary is the largest single beneficiary of corporate and wall street donations, both to her election campaign, to her Family foundation, AND to her personal bank account.
  4. Are all those members of the 4th Estate who fashion themselves as watchdogs against government corruption, abuse of power and defenders of civil rights?  The national media is estimated to be 95% in the tank for Hillary.  That is a higher percentage of dependable votes than even the Black caucus can deliver.  These people not only Vote, they have turned their entire businesses into propaganda mills and unpaid campaign donations for Hillary.
  5. Are all those Democrats who were convinced that Hurricane Katrina was caused by President Bush?  And that his inaction contributed to the devastation that followed?

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2 Responses to Where in the World…

  1. JN says:

    Have you seen the latest from CNN? The sister of the most recent shooting-by-police “victim” called for burning the suburbs down. CNN cut her quote off to make it sound like she was calling for peace.


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