Presidential Golf $$$

It is no secret that our Supreme Commander plays a LOT of golf.  Since he doesn’t seem to spend any of his own money on anything, I was just wondering if he pays his own greens fees.  Do the people who play with him pay their own way?

Does anyone know?  If Google knows, it ain’t telling.

I suspect when he plays places that are federal land, like Andrews Air Force Base, and Fort Belvoir, that he plays for free but what about all those private clubs that have really huge fees to play?  I’m really curious about who picks up the tab.  Taxpayers?  Or does the club just absorb the losses as a cost of patriotism?

It’s not just the club owners at risk financially.  All the people who work in the clubhouses and the caddies too.  Most of them derive substantial income from tips.  If no paying customers are there that day because the President took over, EVERYONE takes a pay cut.

I would be interested in seeing some investigative journalist or university economist do an economic analysis of the financial impact the president has on low and middle wage earners.  I suspect that it is substantial.  I also suspect that this particular president and his family have a MUCH higher impact than any previous president.



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One Response to Presidential Golf $$$

  1. Old NFO says:

    Good question, and no he doesn’t pay at Andrews. I was told that by some folks that were in the know.


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