Dear Olympics: FOAD!

I hate the Olympics.  I see them as a pointless merger of ego gratification of spoiled rich kids, enrichment of politically connected insiders, and a handful of petty aristocrats who hold the Olympics monopoly cashing in at the expense of taxpayers in countries who REALLY seriously need to spend their money on more important things… like drinking water.

  1.  Sure, there are some poor kids who manage to scrape together enough money through sponsorship.  Most of those come from their sponsoring government.  But mostly, you don’t get to be an Olympic figure skater unless your parents shell out thousands of dollars a year taking you to practice with the best coaches and ice time.  You don’t become an Olympic athlete by practicing on the frozen pond out by the cattle pasture.
  2. It’s not “amateur” athletes. It hasn’t been since the 1936 Nazi Olympics.  Ever since then, countries discovered they can create Olympics programs where they pay their athletes to be in the Army and train all year (just like we do).  Training is their full time job.  They can afford to do it full time because someone else pays their bills, either by being personally wealthy, parents’ wealth, or government/taxpayer wealth.
  3. There is no future in being an Olympic athlete.  What do you do after you win?  What career does that establish for you?  Used car salesman?  Spokesperson?  Or “professional figure skater”?  Professional Luge circuit?  Professional swimming and diving?  Other than a very limited engagement on a Nike/Underarmour/GNC commercial, there is nothing.  All that investment in competing and “Poof”, the very next day you are a no one again, starting off life with nothing and having wasted your college education going to classes that left you more free time to train.
  4. Only 3 countries can afford to host the Olympics.  The USA, Russia, and China.  Everyone else will be impoverished by hosting the spectacle and paying off the huge overhead in graft, corruption and thievery. But the Olympics committee doesn’t care.  Picking the same three countries would look RAAACIST.  And as long as the bribes, hookers, and coke keep getting delivered during the selection process, it’s all good.  Speaking on behalf of the USA, You can keep it.  As a US taxpayer, I am fed up with spending billions to host this boondoggle.  There is absolutely NOTHING that is gained in this that cannot be gained at a much lower cost by hosting regional or one-on-one events, like the rest of the world plays soccer (fuutball). England Vs France.  Cheer your team, then go home.
  5. Most of the sports are being included for political reasons and have no sport, or entertainment value.   Something like Curling, should never be played above the County Finals.

But if there were no Olympics, then how would the members of the International Olympics committee pay for their international travel, parties and hookers?


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3 Responses to Dear Olympics: FOAD!

  1. Og says:

    Huge waste of effort all around. The sports that I’d watch, or be interested in, aren’t supported at all, like target shooting, and the rules are ignorant. Fuckem.


    • No One says:

      Made possible by a collective common High School experience where you are made to feel socially defective if you don’t stand when your song is played and cheer for “your team”. A rich panoply of hypocrisy and mindless sheepery.


  2. Cecil Henry says:

    Ah. The Olympics. Beside the globalists PC propaganda, is also has the worst coverage of any sporting event. Hurry and be DONE.

    The opening ceremonies were a propaganda nightmare. A bureaucrats heaven is the Olympics.

    As for curling and the like, they have their World Championships and audience of interest, its doesn’t need the Olympics.


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