A Few Words about Khizr Khan

  1.  Remember Cindy Sheehan?  This is just Hillary’s Cindy Sheehan.  That really is all you need to know.  Hillary needed a war dead immigrant, preferably a Moslem to carry her banner.  There is no information on if Captain Khan would have wanted his name and memory used as wallpaper for the most corrupt politician in American history.  But lets recap just a few relevant points.  First, dying in a war conveys absolutely zero merit to the person who died and even less to his parents.  They get no moral authority in this regard. None. The US military has lost thousands of men and women in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you parse through the casualty lists, you are sure to fine at least one who will suit your very narrowly defined political needs for a poster child.  Second, that word “sacrifice” you keep using.  It doesn’t mean what you think it means.  CPT Khan did not sacrifice himself so that other might live.  He stupidly or ignorantly walked up to a car bomb just as it exploded.  He didn’t shield his men from the force of the blast with his body.  He didn’t tell his men, “I’ll go set this off so you all will be safe”.  It was just either stupid bad luck, or stupid guy overplaying his hand. Nothing to brag about.  NOT a sacrifice.  Just a loss.
  2. CPT Khan was awarded the Purple heart and Bronze star for his heroism.  No, actually, he was awarded those medals because that’s what the US military bureaucracy does for dead officers.  Automatic bronze star.  Heck, most officers get  a Bronze star just for showing up.  Leading troops in “combat” gets them the “v” device for “valor”.  Everyone who was there knows this.  It is the normal part of award inflation that is common in the US Army.
  3. “Let me ask you: Have you even read the U.S. Constitution?”  Not relevant.  Obviously, Hillary, who has been in the Government for most of her adult life, may have read it but has actively ignored it whenever it got in her way.  Trump has never held political office or been bound by the Constitution.  Of the two candidates, Which can you trust if the Constitution is your metric? The one with decades of violating it?  Or the one who hasn’t read it, but could read it easily, after he gets elected?
  4. There is nothing in the Constitution that would restrict any of Trump’s publicly expressed ideas.  Nothing.  I have read the Constitution.  I am certain of this.  The foreign people of the world have zero constitutional right to freely immigrate to the USA.  Zero.  We can restrict them on the basis of skin color, family connections, religion, national origin, diseased status, mental illness or even refugee status.    All of those are perfectly legitimate reasons to exclude people.  Our immigration policies were written and enforces (or not enforced) by people who are actively trying to undermine American greatness by replacing it with third world peasants.  They are doing an excellent job.  Most of America’s cities (where most immigrants flock to) already look and act like third world countries. The federal government’s only solution to this is to forceably move new ones out into the countryside so everyone can enjoy their full share of third world goodness.

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One Response to A Few Words about Khizr Khan

  1. Heresolong says:

    That part about the Constitution really bothered me since it was first raised. “The Constitution prevents discrimination based on religion” has been repeated ad nauseum since the original kerfuffle. Speaking of people who don’t understand the Constitution…


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