Election Anomalies

This election is odd for a couple reasons.

  1.  The two front runners are both Billionaires and are begging for cash from middle class and small wage earners.
  2. Hillery is the first candidate in history who can’t give a speech at her own campaign events because her campaign can’t afford her hourly rate.
  3. Trump, a billionaire, is begging for money, asking for $100 to $300 donations with every email his campaign sends out to average guys like me.  His typical pitch is that “DON’T LET HILLERY WIN” (Panic) (Random Dire Consequence Generator).  But he is winning even without campaigning.  He isn’t buying big commercial time and is STILL winning.  He is proving that you don’t need to raise all that campaign money to be a winner in national politics.  This raises the question, so why are all the others still doing it, and what are the chances ANY of them will ever stop doing it?  I suspect that the Trump campaign is asking for money because it is just what professional campaigners do.  They can’t imaging doing it any other way.
  4. I keep hearing how remarkable Hillery is, but seriously.  What has she ever done?  She has been treated like royalty for 40 years and never had to work a real job. The media, and her own campaign staff (but I am being redundant) constantly use words like “sacrifice” and “fighting” and “courage” to describe her.  There is nothing in her entire life that comes close to any of the real meaning for those words.  What we learned from her email scandals is that as Secretary of State, she pretty much was on Spring break the whole time.  She used the US Air Force as a chartered party plane for a full time vacation, managing to rack up more flight hours than the Obama family, and THAT wasn’t easy.  As a Senator, not a single piece of legislation carried her name.  None of her Senate peers selected her to lead them.  She never used her time there to spearhead anything that any of us ever heard about.
  5. Hillery Clinton is the epitome of everything the Democratic party claims to be against and yet she is their banner carrying poster child.  She is old, privileged, rich, corrupt, in the pockets of wealthy Hollywood and Wall street corporations.  She demonstrates a daily contempt for the law and everyone else who much live under it.  And this is the best the Democratic party can find to carry their banner this year?

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2 Responses to Election Anomalies

  1. JN says:

    5. Don’t forget white.


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